mercoledì 22 febbraio 2017

Working for a better Remmina, working for a better world: meet Massimo, our new friend in Kenya.

Guest post from the Remmina Community.

When we started working on Remmina back in 2014, we were trying to solve our little issues. Indeed, we use Remmina on the day-by-day work, and sometimes we were facing some bugs here and there. So our common thinking was: why can’t we just solve these annoying little problems? We started contributing to Remmina: that’s how all started!

Well, more than two years after, Remmina still has a bunch of little annoying problems, but now it’s at his best, and it’s used by thousands of users all over the world.

One of them is our new friend Massimo, a volunteer working for the “North Kinangop Catholic Hospital” in Kenya. We met him today. He's just come home – he lives in Padua (Italy) – and we took a coffee together.

The hospital he volunteers is located about 130 kilometers north of Nairobi, on the plateau of Nyandarua at the foot of the Aberdare ranges. It’s not only a hospital but an entire autonomous community with its houses, nursing school, mechanical workshop and many other laboratories. It was created more than 50 years ago by the Catholic Diocese of Nyahururu, with the support of Italian Diocese of Padua. Now it has more than 350 beds and 4 operating rooms.

In the hospital, they use a custom program, entering data from RaspberryPis connected to the main Windows server via Remmina. When Massimo contacted us, they were using an old version of Remmina 1.0, running on Raspbian distribution. Remmina 1.0 has a lot of bugs, and it’s out of maintenance, so Massimo sent us an email requesting help.

With our remote support, he easily upgraded their RaspeberryPIs to Xubuntu 16.04 and Remmina 1.2, in only few hours of work. “When you are over there, and you’re away from everything, you have to carry all you need from Italy. When I was in trouble with Remmina, I sent a message to maintainers, and I didn’t expect any particular help, but within few hours it all was up and running!” Massimo said.

Thanks Massimo for your kind words! We are proud to help others!

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